A lyrical tribute to the enchanting hues of the Mediterranean. Crafted with the finesse of Italian hands, these wayfarer sunglasses boast a frame and temples of robust acetate, echoing the enduring beauty of the region. The design captivates with its see-through bright copper, a nod to the warm, shimmering tones of coastal sunsets.The lenses, in a serene, clear green, are a haven for your eyes, providing 100% UV protection with TAC polarized clarity. Built to resist scratches and impacts, these glasses transcend mere fashion, offering a shield against the elements. They are a poetic fusion of resilience and elegance, capturing the spirit of Mediterranean serenity in every glance.

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-100% UV protected polarized lenses
-Acetate frame and temples
-Impact resistant
-Made in Italy

Frame Front 130.0mm, Frame Side 141.0mm, Lens Width 55.0mm, Frame Front Height 52.0mm

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