A harmonious melody of Italian artisanship and the serene beauty of the Aegean. These aviator sunglasses, a testament to refined taste, are crafted from a blend of acetate and stainless steel, offering both resilience and elegance. The frames shine in a see-through bright white, reminiscent of Bodrum’s white-washed architecture, accented with a sleek black bar, adding a touch of sophistication.
      The lenses, in a deep, bright smoke color, provide a peaceful vista with 100% UV-protected, TAC polarized lenses, safeguarding your vision with clarity and care. Scratch and impact-resistant, these sunglasses transcend mere accessory; they are a protective hymn to the eyes. In the Bodrum Sunglasses, experience the fusion of the Aegean’s timeless charm and the pinnacle of Italian design.



      A captivating ode to the fusion of modernity and timeless elegance. Born from the skilled artisans of Italy, these aviator-style sunglasses blend acetate and stainless steel in their frames and temples, symbolizing strength and grace. The design is a masterpiece of innovation, featuring a see-through bright green frame, accented with a sophisticated black bar, evoking the lush vibrancy of Bodrum’s landscapes.
      The lenses, a deep, bright smoke hue, offer a serene view with 100% UV-protected, TAC polarized lenses, guarding your eyes with a veil of tranquility. Resistant to scratches and impacts, these sunglasses are not just a fashion piece but a guardian of sight. Embrace the Bodrum spirit, where the allure of contemporary design meets the essence of classic refinement.



      A symphony of Italian elegance and modern resilience. Crafted in the heart of Italy, each pair whispers a story of enduring acetate artistry. The frames, a canvas of timeless black, dance with vibrant green edges, echoing the whispers of spring leaves. With lenses like clear, tranquil pools, the TAC polarized glass shields your gaze with a 100% UV protective embrace. The cat-eye silhouette, a poetic nod to vintage glamour, merges with contemporary lines. These sunglasses, anti-scratch and impact-resistant, are not just accessories but guardians of sight, serenading your eyes with both style and sanctuary.



      A sonnet of Italian finesse and enduring grace. Born in Italy’s skilled hands, each frame is a masterpiece of sturdy acetate, whispering tales of timeless craftsmanship. Adorned in a classic black, these cat-eye beauties flirt with playful fuchsia highlights, echoing the vibrant hues of a Mediterranean sunset. The lenses, serene and clear, offer a haven with 100% UV-protected, TAC polarized embrace. With an anti-scratch and impact-resistant promise, these glasses aren’t just a fashion statement but a protective ode to your vision. They are a harmonious blend of vintage charm and modern protection, a poetic tribute to style and sight.



      A lyrical homage to the azure allure of the Mediterranean and Italian artistry. Expertly crafted in Italy, these geometric sunglasses embody both innovation and timelessness, made entirely from acetate for enduring beauty. The frames, in a rich blue, evoke the vibrant essence of Marbella’s coastal waters, mirroring the depth and tranquility of the sea.
      The lenses, in a peaceful smoke shade, offer a sanctuary for your eyes, protected by 100% UV-resistant, TAC polarized lenses. Resilient against scratches and impacts, these sunglasses are not merely a fashion statement, but a guardian of vision. Marbella Sunglasses – where the charm of the Mediterranean meets the pinnacle of Italian craftsmanship, offering a glimpse of seaside elegance with every sun-kissed moment.



      A poetic expression of Mediterranean vibrancy and Italian elegance. These geometric sunglasses, crafted with the expertise of Italian artisans, fuse durability and style, realized fully in acetate. Their frames are a lively red, reminiscent of Marbella’s fiery sunsets and spirited culture, radiating warmth and energy.
      The lenses, in a soothing smoke shade, provide a serene view, safeguarded by 100% UV-protected, TAC polarized lenses. Designed to resist scratches and impacts, these sunglasses are more than a fashion piece; they are a protective companion. Marbella Sunglasses – a blend of the passionate hues of the Mediterranean and the sophistication of Italian design, offering a glimpse of coastal allure with every sunlit moment.



      Step into the limelight with these black frame sunglasses and leave the dull days behind. The oversized sunglasses named BRUSSELS are hewn from rich black acetate with highly sculpted geometrical detailing at the arms of transparent tortoise shell and white acetate. Molded nose pads and temple tips ensure a comfortable fit and features an iconic Jackie O maxi silhouette. The frame is completed with solid black POLARIZED lenses offering optimum clarity and UV protection. Mark Your Epoch!



      Sculpted from pure Italian acetate and stainless steel these sunglasses from the EPOCH collection are an elevated take on the timeless aviator silhouette. Finding inspiration in art-deco lines, fine layers of stainless steel work together to form a delicate side shield with acetate finish. The black plated frame is fitted with black lenses and finished with particular acetate signature nose pads for a comfortable fit. Mark Your Epoch!



      LONDON has been manufactured thanks to a sophisticated investment casting process. Combined with the skillfulness of craftsmen, this high-precision, advanced technology makes it possible to create elaborate objects and to faithfully reproduce even the finest details. The innovative and thin side flaps, featuring a metal weave, give a contemporary touch to these classic glasses. Excellence in design LONDON pair creates the allusion of floating lenses. The rectangular silver mirrored lenses and the forged sphere at the end of the temples are the hallmarks of this frame, which is ideal for the most adventurous, both in style and in life. Mark Your Epoch!

    • TOKYO


      Reminiscent of the fascinating languor of a bygone era, these JP John Pan sunglasses are crafted from stainless steel in a rich colour rainbow palette inspired by the tones of oriental cities. The charming dainty and bold shape that encircle the different colour combinations of flat POLARIZED lenses with 100% UV Protection, make TOKYO the perfect model for the most daring women with a balanced combination of glamour and contemporary elegance. Mark Your Epoch!



      This elevated aviator from the EPOCH collection represents the classic DNA of the JP John Pan brand. The delicate bold stainless steel frame is paired with our signature tapered temples and adjustable nose pads for a comfortable fit. The style is fitted with mirrored silver lenses which harness POLARIZED technology for optimum clarity and UV protection. Mark Your Epoch!

    • BERLIN


      BERLIN is the must have for the new season. Meticulously crafted in Italy from the purest celluloid acetate, this curvy frame has a chic shape which flawlessly combines a contemporary twist to a classic shape. Made with 100% UV protection POLARIZED lenses, this pair embodies the daring style of a glamorous person, offering an alluring look. Mark Your Epoch!

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