A poetic tribute to the ancient grace of Solin and the exquisite craftsmanship of Italy. These aviator sunglasses, crafted with precision in Italy, marry the classic allure of acetate with a modern silhouette. The frames, in a translucent white, evoke the ethereal beauty of Solin’s historic ruins, bathed in Mediterranean sunlight.
The lenses, in a tranquil smoke hue, offer a view as timeless as the city’s storied past, all while providing 100% UV protection with TAC polarized lenses. Built to resist scratches and impacts, these glasses are not just an accessory, but a guardian of your vision. Solin Sunglasses – a harmonious fusion of Croatia’s ancient charm and Italian artisanal excellence, offering a glimpse of history’s elegance with every wear.

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-100% UV protected polarized lenses
-Acetate frame
-Stainless steel gold temples
-Impact resistant
-Made in Italy

Frame Front 140.0mm, Frame Side 155.0mm, Lens Width 55.0mm, Frame Front Height 49.0mm

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