A symphony of Italian elegance and modern resilience. Crafted in the heart of Italy, each pair whispers a story of enduring acetate artistry. The frames, a canvas of timeless black, dance with vibrant green edges, echoing the whispers of spring leaves. With lenses like clear, tranquil pools, the TAC polarized glass shields your gaze with a 100% UV protective embrace. The cat-eye silhouette, a poetic nod to vintage glamour, merges with contemporary lines. These sunglasses, anti-scratch and impact-resistant, are not just accessories but guardians of sight, serenading your eyes with both style and sanctuary.



      A sonnet of Italian finesse and enduring grace. Born in Italy’s skilled hands, each frame is a masterpiece of sturdy acetate, whispering tales of timeless craftsmanship. Adorned in a classic black, these cat-eye beauties flirt with playful fuchsia highlights, echoing the vibrant hues of a Mediterranean sunset. The lenses, serene and clear, offer a haven with 100% UV-protected, TAC polarized embrace. With an anti-scratch and impact-resistant promise, these glasses aren’t just a fashion statement but a protective ode to your vision. They are a harmonious blend of vintage charm and modern protection, a poetic tribute to style and sight.

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